Family Portrait Photography, City of Bath, Somerset

Late summer last year I met up with past clients Sarah, Paul and little Agnes for another fun packed Family Portrait Shoot in Bath.  It’s great to see clients again year on year and children change and grow so quickly, especially in the early years, that it’s worth updating photographs often to document the changes.  Last time I met Agnes she was just starting to stand, this time she was confidently in charge of her feet and very fast on them!  A shoot with a toddler is always fast paced because of their short attention span so you have to be fit enough to keep up with them despite carrying heavy camera gear – I’m well practised at this as I have a toddler of my own!  Anyway, we explored a park in Bath which provided lots of stimulation for Agnes and lots of photographic opportunities for me.  Sarah and Paul did a great job hopping in and out of shots as required and providing Agnes with snacks, cuddles and distractions when needed.  She’s a cheery little soul as you’ll see in the images below, some of my favourites from that day…

Family Portrait Photography, City of Bath
Family Portrait Photography, City of Bath

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