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I met up with Jonathan, Natalie and 3yr old Jenson for a Family Photography session whilst they were visiting the City of Bath for a few days.  They fancied a city break just after Christmas and decided to explore Bath as they had never been there before.  With the brief set to include some of the city’s famous architecture we explored the area in and around The Royal Crescent and although it was a damp and misty day Bath still looked as beautiful as it always does.  It’s such a lovely city and having lived nearby for over 10 years now, still never fails to amaze me.  Jenson was a little camera shy to start with as many children are.  Not a problem though, I carry on the shoot anyway and any reluctant ‘models’ become my photography helpers until they warm to the idea of being on the other side of the camera (which they always do).  Jonathan, Natalie and small plastic figures of Batman and Robin had their photos taken first to show Jenson that there really was nothing to be worried about and by the end of the shoot he was more than happy to enjoy himself leaping around infront of the camera!  The bribe of ice cream from his Mum definitely helped too, though where she found ‘blue’ ice cream (Jenson’s choice) in January in Bath after the shoot I’ll never know…  Here are a few of my favourite images from that day:

Family Photographer BathFamily Photographer BathFamily Photographer Bath

I offer relaxed and modern Family Portrait Photography in Bath, Bristol and the surrounding areas.  To see more of my work you can browse my blog or view my Portrait Portfolio.

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